Covid-19 virus has changed the daily lives of nearly everyone around the world. Here is a brief outline of how those changes affect our relationship with you.

For now, the construction industry is still allowed to conduct business in Oregon, but not in Washington state. So long as that remains the case, we will continue in our support role to contractors and homeowners on Oregon jobsites only.

Consistent with guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Home Builders Association (OHBA), Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB), and Associated General Contractors (AGC) Oregon-Columbia Chapter, this is what you may expect from employees of EnviroTest LLC:

  • Prior to arrival at your place of business or home, we ask that you clean and sanitize the area we will be inspecting, understanding that this is not possible in open construction sites.
  • When we arrive, you should expect us to be wearing gloves and a mask for your protection as well as ours. Consistent with the concept of social distancing, we will not shake hands, hug you, or even high five. At all times, we will remain a minimum of 10 feet away. And, as much as we love cats and dogs, we’d ask that you have them tucked away, too.
  • Typically, we will identify one work surface where we can place an iPad and a few small plastic sample bags. We will clean that surface using sanitizing wipes before placing anything on it and again after we have completed our survey. In addition, we will wipe any other surfaces (doorknobs, handrails, and the like) we contacted during the inspection process.
  • As we always have, we will create your invoice electronically and send it to your email address. The invoice can be paid on-line using credit or debit cards as well as bank transfers. You may also pay using Venmo, directing the payment to 503.780.0536. Until further notice, we are not accepting cash, check or credit/debit cards at the jobsite.
  • If we are sick, rest assured we simply will not visit any jobsites!