111, 2017

Do DIY Tests for Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Work?

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Are you a Portland-area homeowner planning a remodeling, construction, or demolition project? If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve probably read about the rules and regulations surrounding lead-based paint and asbestos. Like many DIY home remodelers, you might even be wondering if you can save [...]

1206, 2017

Top 7 Health Hazards Found in Portland Homes

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Portland is an amazing place to live! There’s so much to see, do, and experience in our awesome city. But you should also be aware of the possible dangers found in Portland homes. In today’s post, we’ll look closely at 7 potential health hazards and [...]

2505, 2017

5 Resources For DIY Home Remodelers In Portland

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Portland is home to the DIY spirit. From artists to craftsman to every kind of maker, Portland is a community that celebrates and supports the DIY mentality. For homeowners, do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair projects are no different. With a can-do attitude, the right resources, [...]

903, 2017

Hello, My Name is Bob!

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Hello, my name is Bob and I’m a graduate of Asbestos University. That’s the name I’ve recently given to the path my life has taken as I traveled from being a student at Benson High School in Portland, Oregon to ultimately becoming a certified [...]